Cake pressure gauge

Pressure gauge is a common tool for measuring tire pressure, and during this 2-week course, we were given the task to design it from an existing product and its component, with the mindset of being easy to refurbish and reuse. We also picked a brand for the redesign and branding, and Cake* was chosen for this project.

Umea Institute of Design

Pressure gauge is the cmmon tool for measuring tire pressure.

Cake, the brand.

CAKE is a Swedish electric bike company born out of a passion for gravity sports, and on a mission to develop high-quality, sustainable performance products.

A pressure gauge can be really useful for all the Cake bikes, and caring about performance and sustainability is also the end goal of the project.

The gauge.

This pressure gauge is the model we were given to start with, With five plastic parts, four main screws, and two replaceable button batteries.

Test, teardown, design.

We started with testing products, taking them apart to analyze its component, quick 2D visualizing ideas, foam mock-ups. Solidworks and Rhino are used to make sure the final design is ready for manufacture.

I went for a minimalist yet durable tool made out of second life metal recycled by CAKE, and is easy to be taken apart, either for battery changing or for replacing the component.

Using the Cake pressure gauge to measure your bike tires.

Cake pressure gauge.

Using the same component as the existing product, CAKE pressure gauge was redesigned with the thought of easy dismantling, recycling from the beginning.

Cake pressure gauge also shares the same aesthetic as the Cake product line, with a minimalist and carefully considered industrial design.

Slim profile.

CAKE gauge reduces its size and can be fitted into a pocket or the toolbox easily, and because of its rectangular shape, it can be aligned with all your other tools perfectly.

Track the pressure.

Measuring the pressure is just like the pressure gauge you have used before, simply press down the gauge on top of the valve.

From the inside out.

The Cake gauge uses the original components and a new LED display but with different layout and design.

The concept also considers how the products are assembled and taken apart, as well as manufacturing.

The gauge can be taken apart with a 4mm hex key, with a simple twist.

One button.

With one button on top of the gauge, you can measure the pressure with your bike or winter gloves on, and it also acts as an On/Off or mode changing button.

Ready to be reused again.

The pressure gauge concept is designed with second life metal recycled from old bikes, even scratches and stains remained, it is fully functional and rugged.

A recycled card box packaging is provided and can be used as a storage case as well, no other manual or papers are wasted.

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